Alaska Fish Broth | Wild Alaska Fish Broth
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Delicious Marine Collagen for Health & Beauty

Alaska Fish Broth LCC


Health comes from natural life force foods, not from synthetic chemicals and drugs. Our Alaskan fish broth is made from the collagen rich parts of high quality halibut and salmon, that is, fish heads and spines. We use organic ingredients and water that has never been treated with fluoride or chlorine. Our nutritional theory is that the body is looking for co-factors as nature puts them together, so our infusion contains proteins, fish oils, and marine minerals in the proportion that was a life force. Drugifying food down into isolations that can’t be found in nature, then recombining with chemicals doesn’t seem to be working, judging by the rapid growth in modern chronic disease that has occurred as our food supply was denatured.


Do you want to be beautiful?; consider that skin, hair, and nails are made from collagen. How much money do women and men spend on trying to beautify their external appearance with creams and coverings? Ironically, many of the creams and coverings include collagen as a component, however, the skin cannot absorb and digest the collagen, but the creams make a covering that blocks the skin from breathing. The real way to beautify with collagen is to ingest it to let your body deploy it where its needed.


We can learn a lot by watching how wild animals eat a fish; they’ve been at it a long time and they’ve probably got it figured out. A bear or a seal tends to eat the head of a salmon, certain organs, and the skin; when there is abundance they tend to discard the fillet. The parts of the fish that they favor are rich in collagen protein. maybe they know that collagen is the easiest protein to digest and the most prevalent and important protein in their bodies. We do exactly the opposite of what they do; we eat the flesh and throw away the collagen rich parts of the fish. A fish head is about 50% collagen, however, the flesh is less than 2% collagen.

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Why Collagen Rich Broth?

Bone broth is the buzz and for good reason. The reason is collagen. What is collagen? Collagen is the most prevalent and important protein in your body. The word collagen is ancient Greek for glue; it’s what holds your body together. Collagen is the matrix of your bones that gives them structure, strength, and flexibility; in fact, gram for gram, some expressions of collagen are stronger than steel.

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People behind Alaska Fish Broth

David grew up in Alaska. He worked a commercial fishing boat and built a sport fishing lodge. Later in life, he went to law school and practiced bankruptcy law in Vegas, where his health diminished until he realized that he needed to get back to nature, so he moved back to a remote wilderness island in Alaska. David says that collagen rich fish broth was the key to restoring health. David founded Alaska Fish Broth LLC to stop the waste in Alaska’s fisheries, and to bring a needed health benefit.

Alaska Island Retreat

Daiva is from a small village in Lithuania where she grew up with her grandma’s culinary traditions; broths, ferments, and local herbs. When she came to Alaska she could see all the amazing food opportunities that Alaskans didn’t use, so she became a nutritionist and a herbalist to instruct Alaskans how to have optimum health using nature’s treasures. She co-founded Alaska Fish Broth LLC to bring Alaska’s unknown nutritional treasure of marine collagen broth to the world.

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