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Broth is the buzz in the nutritional world because of its valuable collagen protein, but before Alaska Broth Company people thought of broth in terms of chicken or beef broth.  Alaska Broth Company specializes in making broth from wild fish heads and spines from Alaska’s cold, clean waters.

Marine collagen offers many nutritional advantages over land based broths; first marine collagen is far more bioavailable and absorbable by human digestion, next, the fish’s heads are a treasure trove of marine minerals, like iodine, that are stored in the fish’s thyroid, and lastly, the fish are wild, that is, they are not subject to any unnatural rearing methods.

Marine collagen offers culinary  advantages as well.  Fish broth is a lighter flavor than beef or chicken, and it is far more versatile in its culinary expression.

Our marine collagen broths are sustainable and ecologically wise.  Not even one additional fish is killed to make our broths, instead, we use the nutrient dense heads and spines that are typically discarded.  Every fish-eating animal in nature favors the head and other collagen rich parts over the fillet; that’s because they know where the good stuff is.

Marine collagen is the highest quality of all collagens, and also it is the most abundant.  In Alaska each season nearly two billion pounds of collagen rich fish parts are discarded.

We envision a day when the words “fish waste” have no meaning.  We envision a day when fish broth is a common, healthy, and affordable part of peoples lives and when health cost of collagen deficiency are abated.  We are Alaska Broth Company; we’re proud to say that we give good fish head.

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