Alaska Fish Broth | Why Collagen Rich Broths?
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Why Collagen Rich Broths?

Bone broth is the buzz and for good reason.  The reason is collagen.  What is collagen?  Collagen is the most prevalent and important protein in your body.  The word collagen is ancient Greek for glue; it’s what holds your body together.  Collagen is the matrix of your bones that gives them structure, strength, and flexibility; in fact, gram for gram, some expressions of collagen are stronger than steel.  Collagen is your joints, connective tissue, ligaments, and cartilage.  Collagen is your skin, nails, and hair.  Collagen is the teeth’s dentin, the eye’s lens, the inner ear, the vocal cords, the cell’s lattice, the fascia.  Collagen is about fifty percent of internal organs.  Collagen is your digestive lining, the lining of veins and arteries, and the blood brain barrier.  Collagen is synovial fluid that feeds and maintains your collagen structures, that mineralizes bones, that repairs enamel, that lubricate eyes and joints.  Nevertheless, somehow the modern corporate food suppliers thought that it would be a good idea to replace the collagen rich soups that our grandparents ate with soups that use corn solids and artificial flavorings as a base.  How does your body get collagen from corn mush?  The simple answer is that it can’t.

The word is out about the importance of collagen, and there are some high quality frozen bones broths made from organic chicken and beef bones that have become very popular.  However, nutritionally speaking, marine collagen from Alaska’s cold clean water might offer advantages, including the well known benefits of fish oils and marine minerals.  We recommend that a person take collagen rich foods from a variety of clean sources, then let the body’s innate intelligence decide how to deploy the various nutritional treasures.

You can buy our Alaskan fish broth at Copper River Seafoods

Or Daiva can teach you how to make it your own 

We are working with other retailers and near future Alaskan fish broth will be available at many more places.